Our Vision

Business Law is an ever evolving domain, globally and with respect to individual countries. On the surface, research, formulation and implementation of these laws pertain primarily to companies and their practices and policies. However, the world of business law is shaped by a variety of concepts and factors that branch out beyond the basics of corporate law. The main aim of this journal is to bring together a community of researchers and readers actively contributing to the expanding and changing world of business law. Our hope for this platform is to bring together researchers and  esteemed members of the International Legal Community, allowing for unique opportunities to work on enriching the studies and research in the intricacies of business law.

Our Mission

Primary mission of the Journal is to establish a common medium for the legal community existing globally. Through this medium, people coming from different fields of business law can experience the exchange of their unique knowledge and expertise. This unique congregation will also lead to an exchange of perspectives which is dynamic in all its senses. The dynamism in authors’ perspectives is a result of the internal and external factors. There are ample of unexplored areas in the gamut of business laws. Therefore, learning, introspecting and finding solutions to it will accelerate the efforts of the global legal fraternity. Our purpose is also to explore all the areas of business laws in totality to contribute towards a subject which is as dynamic in nature as it is in its size.

About our Team

Co-Founders and Publishers

Mr. Ansh Agal

Mr. Ansh Agal holds a Diploma in International Business Laws and Company Laws and another Diploma in Cyber Laws. He has published papers in acclaimed journals and has his interests in the fields of business laws. An active speaker and researcher, he has also attended two International Residential Programmes organized in the areas of Public International Laws, Investment Laws and Humanitarian Laws. He is the Co-Founder of the International Journal for Business Law Studies and plans to bring many legal luminaries on one common platform through this journal.

Ms. Priyal Dhandhukia

Ms. Priyal Dhandhukia holds a Diploma in International Business Laws and Company Laws. She has a strong research, academic and mooting background with a special interest in management work. Her interests primarily lie in IPR, ADR and General Corporate Laws. She is also an alumni of the ESDR Programme, an Annual International event organised by the Kathmandu School of Law, Nepal. She is the Co-Founder of the International Journal for Business Law Studies and has a vision of inter-connecting many accomplished legal professionals who are working in the field of International Business Laws.

Head of Website and Graphics Designing

Mr. Akshat Jain

Mr. Akshat Jain is the Founder of GET DIGITAL PARTNER – Web Development and Digital Branding Solution provider company for all businesses. He is skilled in Website Designing, Digital Marketing, User Acquisition, User Retention, Branding, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, SEM & SEO, Programmatic Marketing , Affiliate marketing (App & web), Email Marketing. He is well versed with both front end and back end web development. He is one of the core member of management team of this journal. He has also done certificate courses in Responsive Web Development, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Graphic Designing.