Applications Form

Applications Form

If you want to apply for any position at the Journal, Kindly fill up the form here. Please note that we have a set procedure for processing any application. We will get back to you on the Email ID mentioned by you within 72 hours. In case of any queries/questions, kindly reach out to us on [email protected]

Available Positions – 

1. Core Management Intern.

  • The Journal is looking for 2 Core Management Interns. There are no set roles for these interns and they will assist the founders in all the aspects of the management of the journal. 
  • The internship period will be of a minimum of 6 months, however, the interns are required to devote only 1.5 hours per day (maximum).
  • An internship completion certificate will be provided at the end of the internship, and this internship will be in an assessment based format, and successful interns shall be included in the core management team for a permanent role.

2. Content Creator Intern

  • The journal is looking for 2 content creators for its Website and LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook Handles. The duration of the internship will be of 2 months.
  • The interns will be writing at least 2 articles per week. Due credit will be given to them for the articles.
  • An internship completion certificate will also be provided to them, along with a performance based L.O.R.