Call for Papers

Call for Papers

1st Research Paper Competition organised by the International Journal for Business Law Studies

This journal invites Research Papers in the following areas:

General Corporate Laws
Banking and Finance 
Competition Laws
ADR Systems
Intellectual Property Laws
Mergers and Acquisitions
Investment Laws

Since the aim of this journal is to promote research in the International and Cross-border aspects of such laws, the research should be reasonably connected to /in context of, the International aspects of these laws. The manuscripts sent to us should not be restricted to a particular country’s laws. As stated earlier, the research should be connecting a particular country’s legal system to the international aspects of such laws

Theme for the Inaugural Issue

We provide a specific theme for each and every issue so that the authors have a topic to connect with, while researching in a particular area of Business Laws. This theme is for the reference of the authors, but if an author feels that he can do better by not following the particular theme which is set out for the specific issue, then such submissions are also welcome.

The Papers should be covering any one or more of the areas mentioned above, in relation to the specific theme for this issue, which is – How was the world affected by the pandemic outbreak and what all measures were taken to fight this. Alternatively, the authors can also write on the topic – what is next? What will be the future of business sector in the aftermath of COVID-19?

The authors need not restrict themselves to the specific questions posed in the theme, but their general idea should be linking any one of the seven fields of law above to the COVID-19 outbreak.

About the Competition

The present issue being  the Inaugural issue of the Journal, the entries will be accepted in the form of a competition with its own perks and benefits.

The last date for Submission of manuscripts for Volume I Issue I is – August 26, 2020.

*Please note that there is no submission/entry/publication fee for the competition.

The manuscripts shall be directly considered for the review process upon submission.


The author(s) of the best paper will be awarded a prize of Rs. 1500/-

The author(s) of the second-best paper will be awarded a prize of 1000/-

All the papers selected for publication will merit a certificate  for publication.

Participation certificates to all.